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The basics

  • How-to

    Booking a trip: What to do if you’re new

    Learn about Airbnb’s booking process, how to confirm your reservation, special offers direct from a Host, and more.
  • How-to

    Booking for friends and family

    Airbnb reservations for personal travel need to be booked by the person who's going to stay at the listing.
  • How-to

    Asking to visit before booking

    We encourage all guests to complete their bookings through our website before meeting in person to ensure their safety and privacy.
  • How-to

    Booking split stays

    Split stays is a feature that allows you to split longer stays between two different listings.
  • How-to

    Flexible ways to search

    Guests can discover more flexible ways to travel using Categories—browsing millions of homes they never knew existed.
  • How-to

    Being a considerate guest

    From sharing your story in your bio section to leaving honest reviews, connecting with other members of our community is key to traveling wi…
  • Guide

    AirCover for guests

    Every booking comes with AirCover for guests. If there’s a serious issue with your Airbnb that your Host can't resolve, we’ll help you find …
  • Legal terms

    AirCover for guests and travel or reservation insurance

    AirCover for guests is different from travel or reservation insurance. AirCover for guests is provided for free with every booking, while tr…
  • How-to

    If your reservation couldn't be completed

    Identity verification, reservation screening, payment issues, and availability are some reasons why you might not be able to complete a rese…