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Sync your Airbnb calendar to other websites

If you host on other websites, you can sync all of your hosting calendars to prevent multiple guests from booking the same dates. For example, when a night is booked on one calendar, it’ll automatically block on the other—keeping your schedule up-to-date and making hosting administration a little easier.

How exporting your Airbnb calendar works

We’ll give you a URL that you’ll paste into the other website’s calendar—this will send information from your Airbnb calendar to the other website (for example, VRBO or, or you can export to a personal calendar (like Google or Apple).

Once you export, changes on your Airbnb calendar will be reflected automatically on the other website’s calendar, depending on their website settings.

To export a calendar: 

    Export a calendar on desktop

    1. Click Calendar and select the listing calendar you want to change
    2. Click Availability
    3. Under Connect calendars, click Airbnb calendar export
    4. Copy the link, then paste it into your other iCal-based calendar

    Need more help? Since each website has a different place to add the URL, you may need to find that information in that website’s help section. For example, learn how to export your Airbnb calendar to Google and Apple to access your bookings on your personal calendar.

    How importing a calendar from another website works

    You’ll need to get a URL from the other website’s calendar and add it to Airbnb. On most websites, you can find this in a section dedicated to calendar importing and exporting. Tip: Make sure the URL ends in .ics, because other URLs won’t work. 

    Learn how to import a calendar from VRBO,, and Tripadvisor.

    To import a calendar:

    Import a calendar on desktop

    1. Click Calendar and select the listing calendar you want to change
    2. Click Availability
    3. Under Connect calendars, click Calendar import
    4. Paste the URL from your external calendar (ex: VRBO) into the calendar address field
    5. Give the calendar a name and click Save

    How blocked nights appear on your Airbnb and other calendars

    Nights that you block—or that are booked on Airbnb—will be blocked on the other website’s calendar. Your Airbnb calendar will include nights that are blocked for your availability settings, preparation time, advance notice, and minimum stays.

    Nights booked on another website’s calendar will be automatically blocked on Airbnb when you’ve connected them to your Airbnb calendar. However, nights that you block on another calendar may or may not be blocked on Airbnb.

    Need more help? Check out other help centers on how to block a calendar from VRBO,, and Tripadvisor.

    Refreshing a synced calendar

    Your Airbnb calendar automatically updates every 2 hours, and pulls in information from the other calendars you’ve connected. To check your latest availability sooner than 2 hours, you can go to your connected calendar and select Refresh.

    If you’ve connected multiple calendars, they may automatically update at different times. We’ll show the latest time that each calendar was updated, and you can manually refresh them as well.

    Note that we’re only able to request updates from the other website so many times—if you exceed that amount of updates, you’ll need to wait until the next automatic update.

    To refresh your imported calendar:

    Refresh a calendar on desktop

    1. Click Calendar and select the listing calendar you want to change
    2. Click Availability
    3. Under Connect calendars, click Calendar import
    4. Choose your imported calendar (ex: VRBO) and click Refresh Calendar

    We import up to 2 years of data. You can’t pause an imported calendar. If you want to stop, then start back up and delete the calendar. To remove a synced calendar, click or tap Edit and Disconnect Calendar.

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