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Invite friends to join the Airbnb community
Friends who are new to Airbnb will get up to R1,200 ZAR off their first qualifying booking. Read the terms
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How referrals work
Invite friends who are new to Airbnb
Invite people who don’t have an Airbnb account yet to sign up through your link.
They get a discount
Friends who sign up for Airbnb with your link will get up to R1,000 ZAR off a stay and R200 ZAR toward an Airbnb Experience of R750 ZAR or more.
Remind your friends to book
Once they sign up, they'll be able to use their coupon on a qualifying booking.
Common questions
Check out these answers to common questions and review other program information in the Help Center.
How much will my friend get when I invite them?
When the friend you invited to Airbnb signs up and books a trip, how much they’ll get depends on the price of their reservation excluding taxes and guest fees:

Spend R6,000 ZAR, get R300 ZAR
Spend R10,000 ZAR, get R500 ZAR
Spend R14,000 ZAR, get R700 ZAR
Spend R20,000 ZAR or more, get R1,000 ZAR

Plus, they’ll get R200 ZAR off when you book their first experience of R750 ZAR or more.
My friend invited me to Airbnb but I didn’t get a coupon.
If you have been referred, you need to use the link your friend sent you to sign up for Airbnb. Your coupon will be automatically applied to your qualifying booking. To get more help follow this link.
I referred a friend but didn't get travel credit
For referrals made after Oct 1, 2020, Airbnb doesn't offer travel credit for referrals.