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    Find the cancellation policy for your Experience reservation

    Maybe flexibility is on your must-have list when booking an Experience, or perhaps you need to cancel right now. Here’s how to find the cancellation policy for your Experience reservation:

    Before you book

    You can find cancellation details on the Experience page under Things to know, and during the booking process—before you pay.

    After you book

    To find the policy and cancellation options for your Experience reservation:

    1. Go to Trips and click your Experience reservation
    2. Click Show details
    3. Go to Reservation details and find the Experiences cancellation policy

    If you want to know what your refund will be, start canceling your reservation and we’ll show you a detailed breakdown.

    Extenuating circumstances

    Have an emergency and need to cancel? Check out our extenuating circumstances policy to make sure you qualify. A good thing to know: you may need to provide documentation.

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