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Find a place to stay for COVID-19 responders

Frontline stays are for people actively working on COVID-19 relief efforts.
What is a frontline stay?
Hosts are waiving or lowering their prices to support the work of COVID-19 responders in their community. If you qualify, you'll have access to free and discounted stays.
These stays are for:
  • First responders
  • Medical professionals
  • Community health workers
We'll confirm that your facility is eligible for the program.
You can book a frontline stay if:
  • You need to be closer to work, either in your area or in a new location for a work assignment
  • You'd like to self-isolate to protect the health of family or roommates, and you don't currently have COVID-19
Find out if you're eligible
You'll need to answer a few questions and confirm your work assignment. Once we contact your employer and verify your information, we'll invite you to book a stay.